My Online Teaching Style

As educators get involved in online education, they'll start to realize their unique style in teaching, which is totally different online than in-person. Here's a demo of my online teaching style. See Make your own instructional videos to learn how I make these. This is one of my favorite topics because it demonstrates the similarity between … Continue reading My Online Teaching Style

The Modern Role of Textbooks

I remember when I was in grade school, textbooks weighed about twenty pounds and were chock-full of basic, mechanical exercises. There were around 200 problems at the end of each chapter, and the first 150 of them were questions like 365 ´ 791. We often worked individually on these in class, in silence. Despite how … Continue reading The Modern Role of Textbooks

Ideal Math Education Technology in the Digital Age

We have entered an era in which the use of technology in math education is increasing exponentially. However, only a fraction of these new developments are beneficial. For example, I’ve seen apps that simplify fractions, solve equations, and graph functions. These apps do the math instead of teach how. I consider these to not only … Continue reading Ideal Math Education Technology in the Digital Age

Finland, the Quadratic Formula, and Thinking Outside the Box

May 28, 2012 Not many people know that the telecommunications giant Nokia Corporation originated in the small town of Nokia, Finland. Another noteworthy datum about Finland is that Finland scored significantly above the OECD average on the PISA test in all subjects -- reading, mathematics, and science. How did Finland’s students score so well? The Finnish … Continue reading Finland, the Quadratic Formula, and Thinking Outside the Box

Robotics, STEM, and Ethics

March 24, 2012 I just finished Wired For War: The Robotics Revolution and Conflict in the 21st Century by P.W. Singer. The book mostly focused on the evolution of robotic technology, particularly as it is used in warfare. But we can't talk about technology without talking about STEM education. Take a look at this excerpt: … Continue reading Robotics, STEM, and Ethics