Hi! I’m Katie, and I am obsessed with education—particularly online education. I love being able to share things I’m excited about with people far and wide. So far, I’ve created courses on statistics, algebra, chess, cooking basics, and cursive writing. Throughout the years, I plan to add more and partner with experts.

However, great online courses can only go as far as technology allows. That’s why I built Pedal—so that even those without computers can create and share educational content on their phone.

For my day job, I develop and implement AR and VR solutions for training and learning on-the-job at Applied Materials, the world’s largest semiconductor manufacturing company. If you own a computer, smartphone, or television, Applied Materials has likely been involved in manufacturing one or all of them.

Thanks for checking out TURN THE WHEEL. Please see my latest announcements on my blog. And, feel free to contact me below. Catch you later!