Course 3 of TURN THE WHEEL’s Online Learning for Businesses (OLB) program, Bringing the learning experience to life, walks through best practices for all the logistics of creating an online course. With so many moving parts, it is critical to be highly organized with great attention to detail.

Throughout this course, participants will learn to:

  • Keep all course content and assets organized in a logical folder structure
  • Follow a detailed work plan to track tasks and owners
  • Implement effective processes to create and gain alignment on course collateral
  • Determine the talent needed to create high-quality output and weigh the pros and cons of outsourcing versus using internal talent

Lesson 1: Preparing to PM

  • Describe the role of the PM in bringing the course to life
  • List major PM responsibilities

Lesson 2: Plan

  • Gain access to and explore a course production tracker
  • Prepare to organize and manage content as it gets developed
  • Successfully kick off the project with stakeholders to align around milestones, timeline and responsibilities
  • Ensure alignment amongst stakeholders on key deliverables of the “Plan” phase
  • Write user stories for a custom learning platform (optional)

Lesson 3: Develop

  • Ensure alignment amongst stakeholders on key deliverables of the “Develop” phase
  • Track all collateral (e.g., videos, graphics) to ensure everything the course requires is created per requirements and at high quality
  • Consider various external talent and typical costs and timelines
  • Explore options for creating course assets in-house
  • Complete designs of a custom learning platform (optional)

Lesson 4: Build

  • Manage the logistics of creating:
    • Video interviews
    • Animated videos
    • Acted scenes
    • Graphics
  • Ensure the course is built into the learning platform according to the script, with all issues tracked and addressed
  • Ensure alignment amongst stakeholders on key deliverables of the “Build” phase
  • Complete development of a custom learning platform (optional)

Lesson 5: Run

  • Manage the logistics of running the course, including sharing student communications and just-in-time additional learning materials
  • Track feedback
  • Measure course impact: mindset shifts and/or knowledge attainment

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