TURN THE WHEEL’s Online Learning for Businesses (OLB) Program has three courses. The first, Getting started with creating online courses, is useful for teams that are just beginning to think about how to develop online learning programs. After taking this course, participants from the same organization will be able to:

  • review the many options for course design
  • align on major decisions for the course
  • get on the same page regarding the path forward

While organizations can still benefit from just one or several team members taking part in this course, we strongly encourage all stakeholders who will be involved in the course development process to complete the course: course owners, subject-matter experts, instructional designers, project managers, and others who will have a voice in creating the course experience. By independently exploring options, teams can combine ideas to develop a powerful vision for their organization’s learning program.

Lesson 1: What is an online course?

  • Hear a brief history of online learning
  • Consider the benefits of online learning over traditional in-person learning
  • Explore the three critical elements of online courses today
  • See demos of some of the most advanced online courses

Lesson 2: Options for designing your course

  • Review the many options to navigate when beginning to plan the course experience
  • Articulate the course objectives in a way that will set your course up for success
  • Think through the key points to be made in your course
  • Hear about common mistakes that teams make in the early stages of planning a course

Lesson 3: Envisioning the learning experience

  • Walk through an exercise to envision the entire course experience
  • Align on key decisions with your course development team

Lesson 4: Course production overview

  • Prepare for the entire process of course creation
  • Explore the pros and cons of the best off-the-shelf learning platforms and the option to custom-build
  • Hear the steps of creating common course collateral, including various types of videos
  • Prepare to launch and run the course seamlessly while continuing to offer new interactive content

Please email me at katie@turnthewheel.org for more information on enrolling your team.