Online Learning for Businesses (OLB) is an online learning program for learning and development teams and stakeholders to create online learning experiences for clients, customers, and personnel.

Throughout the program, participants will learn everything that goes into creating an online course—from careful planning and preparation, to designing an effective and engaging curriculum, to creating the course collateral (e.g., videos, graphics, exercises), and finally to launching the course.

The only resource you’ll ever need for creating digital learning experiences.


Katharine Kormanik, your instructor, brings years of experience creating online courses for organizations such as:
• McKinsey & Company
• Oliver Wyman
• Applied Materials
• Stanford Graduate School of Business
• Stanford Graduate School of Education
• African Leadership University
• Cisco
• Generation
• Dribbble
• Udacity

She has worked with many different teams on many different learning experiences with hundreds of subject-matter experts and has seen what works well, what doesn’t, and what to plan ahead for and when. Read more about Katharine on TURN THE WHEEL’s About page.

Program details

The full program consists of three courses that cover two tracks. Read the outline of each course:

Course 1: Getting started with creating online courses
Course 2: Designing online learning experiences
Course 3: Bringing the learning experience to life

In addition, you will receive personalized feedback on the learning experiences you’re designing.

Please email me at katie@turnthewheel.org for more information on enrolling your team.