Online Learning Part II: MOOCs

In my post Online Learning: Current Developments and Future Predictions, I discussed some implications of free online courses, including accreditation and obtaining degrees. These massive open online courses (MOOCs) are constantly evolving, and I’d like to continue the conversation. Let’s start with the following question. What differentiates a MOOC from a regular online course? Probably … Continue reading Online Learning Part II: MOOCs

Ideal Math Education Technology in the Digital Age

We have entered an era in which the use of technology in math education is increasing exponentially. However, only a fraction of these new developments are beneficial. For example, I’ve seen apps that simplify fractions, solve equations, and graph functions. These apps do the math instead of teach how. I consider these to not only … Continue reading Ideal Math Education Technology in the Digital Age

Robotics, STEM, and Ethics

March 24, 2012 I just finished Wired For War: The Robotics Revolution and Conflict in the 21st Century by P.W. Singer. The book mostly focused on the evolution of robotic technology, particularly as it is used in warfare. But we can't talk about technology without talking about STEM education. Take a look at this excerpt: … Continue reading Robotics, STEM, and Ethics