If you don’t yet have a learning platform to deliver the content, we’ll help you choose the best option based on your organization’s learning needs. If the learning material will consist of videos, text, and images, Pedal and Articulate Rise should do the trick. If you want to build a platform on which learners collaborate and upload deliverables for grading, you might choose to customize Open edX.

Below is a list of leading platforms and their pros and cons.

Platform Pros Cons

Open edX

  • Free
  • Largest offering of digital learning features of any other platform on the market
  • Most customizable platform that exists
  • Built for scalability
  • Content fully controlled internally
  • Requires heavy engineering
  • Not transferable to another platform
  • Data extraction near impossible
  • Out-of-the-box UI is rather bland
  • Not optimized for mobile

Articulate Rise

  • SCORM-compliant and easily integrated with other platforms
  • Beautiful UI
  • Automatically optimizes content layout for desktop, mobile, and iPad
  • Content fully controlled internally
  • $1299 annually per course creator
  • Not customizable


  • Leading platform for group collaboration and peer-evaluated assignments
  • Beautiful UI
  • Pricey—can cost upwards of $15,000/year to use
  • Not transferable to another platform
  • Not customizable
  • Content controlled by NovoEd


  • Free
  • Courses accessible to everyone with the Pedal app
  • Offline access
  • Very simple and user-friendly
  • Only available via Android smartphone
  • Limited functionality (videos, images with captions, text, and multiple-choice questions with answer-specific feedback)

We can also help your organization develop a custom learning platform if we determine that there is not an existing solution for delivering your content.

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