Once we’ve chosen the right learning platform and have completed the instructional design, we work with our many creative partners to develop the learning collateral:


We and our team of videographers can travel to you to film interviews, actors, and virtual reality videos. Our animators and motion graphics designers can create animated videos for a fun way to present the content. Read about the different types of videos below:

  • Acted: In the scripting phase we write actor scripts and character profiles. We then select actors and direct the scenes to take place.
  • Animated: In the scripting phase we write the voiceovers (VOs). We then select VO talent, determine the graphical style, and commence production. We implement your feedback at each step (from writing animation descriptions, to storyboarding, to creating the final videos).
  • Interviews: In the scripting phase we write a detailed interview guide that lists all questions to be answered by each interviewee and the points they need to hit. We ensure this content is covered during the video shoots, and then select the best clips to form each video.
  • Virtual reality: You might desire low-cost 360 videos, or more immersive, simulated 3D environments. We will weigh options carefully depending on the learning objectives.

Graphics, handouts, workbooks

In the scripting phase we determine the content to be distributed as handouts or workbooks, and conceptualize the imagery throughout the course. Then our graphics designers develop these and make them look beautiful.

We ensure all collateral follows your organization’s brand guidelines so that the learning experience looks and feels like an extension of your organization.

Email info@turnthewheel.org to schedule a consultation on your organization’s learning needs so that we can help you determine the most effective methods for delivering the course content.