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Lesson 1: Introduction to Statistical Research Methods
Lesson 2: Visualizing Data
Lesson 3: Central Tendency
Lesson 4: Variability
Lesson 5: Standardizing
Lesson 6: Normal Distribution
Lesson 7: Sampling Distributions
Lesson 8: Estimation
Lesson 9: Hypothesis Testing
Lesson 10: t-Tests for Dependent Samples
Lesson 11: t-Tests for Independent Samples
Lesson 12: Intro to One-Way ANOVA
Lesson 13: One-Way ANOVA: Test significance of differences
Lesson 14: Correlation
Lesson 15: Linear Regression
Lesson 16: Chi-Squared Tests

2 thoughts on “Lesson 1: Introduction to Statistical Research Methods

    1. Hi Rick! Just download the Google spreadsheet as a csv and then save it to your working directory. When you input it into R (method 2 above), just make sure you use the same file name. Lesson 2 page 1 has an R tutorial that uses data from a Google spreadsheet and walks you through inputting it into R.

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