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Street-Smart Stats: A Friendly Introduction to Statistical Research Methods (textbook)
Math—especially statistics—CAN be fun and engaging. Statistics is an incredibly valuable tool and everyone should have the opportunity to know how to use it. This book is a super friendly introduction to practical statistical concepts that you can use every day.

I wrote Street-Smart Stats as if I’m sitting right next to you, explaining statistical concepts and drawing diagrams to visualize them. The book contains real-world examples, exercises with answers in the back, and R tutorials. There’s a little bit of theory where it will help to understand the methodology behind drawing conclusions, but all complex concepts have many visualizations and I refresh readers’ memories of these concepts throughout the book.

The goal of this book is to demonstrate the beauty of statistics and its value in everyday use. If you finish the book feeling equipped with the skills to use these tools and excited to learn more, mission accomplished!

ALG_course_imageAlgebra Foundations for Calculus (online course)

I’m thrilled to announce our first of many online course offerings, Algebra Foundations for Calculus. Here at TURN THE WHEEL, we are beginning a journey to provide the best courses on the most important topics of the day. After creating online courses for Udacity, Stanford Graduate School of Business, and McKinsey & Company, I am excited to offer the world engaging learning experiences that are uniquely our own.

Algebra is so important because it forms the basis of just about all the math concepts people use in the real world, including statistics. This particular course focuses on the fundamentals necessary to be successful in Calculus.

To design this course, I partnered with my good friend Arun Sharma, Calculus professor at UC Berkeley. Having taught college math since 2010, he intimately understands the areas in which students struggle. As such, he guided the curricula and elaborates on various concepts throughout the course.

In this course, students will:

  • Become fluent in the language of math
  • Solve equations and inequalities involving exponents, logarithms, trigonometric functions
  • Graph polynomials and exponential, logarithmic, and trigonometric functions
  • Define and use the derivative–the most important concept in Calculus–to better understand how functions behave
  • Use limits to graph functions and find the derivative
  • Find sums of finite and infinite series

Promo video:

Sample instructional video:

The course contains 28 instructional videos (3-7 minutes each) and 24 exercise sets (3-6 questions each). Students can access the course via one of the following options:

Udemy Thinkific
For a limited time, we are offering the course half-off ($49) to students in exchange for detailed feedback in order to make the course even better. Click here to purchase this course at the discounted rate.
If you are not already signed up with one of these platforms, I recommend this platform for its user-friendliness.
Click here to purchase.

If you’d like, you can purchase both a hard copy of Street-Smart Stats and a transferable enrollment in Algebra Foundations for Calculus for $65. Click here.

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