We are excited to show you some simple cooking tips and techniques to eat healthy and delicious food at home. Please note that this course is still a work-in-progress. Due to COVID-19, we were unable to finish filming. However, we wanted to release what we had, for free, so that everyone who can benefit from this information can start using it immediately. Health is critical, especially now. And now that it’s more difficult to get food outside the home, it’s more important than ever to be able to cook at home.

Once we can get back to filming, we’ll continue adding to this course. For now, please enjoy!


Lesson 1: Cooking equipment and basic ingredients

  1. Welcome! 🥄
  2. Kitchen supplies
  3. Oils and vinegars
  4. Sweeteners
  5. Seasoning and spices
  6. Other pantry items

Lesson 2: Vegetables

  1. Basic vegetable cutting techniques
  2. Sautéing vegetables

Lesson 3: Meat

  1. Cutting meat and cleaning afterward
  2. Dry heat: Pan-searing


  1. Healthy meals

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