Welcome to the final lesson in this course, Lesson 4: Limits and series! You’ll now learn some of the more complicated concepts that are actually part of Calculus.

Limits and series are some of the more abstract concepts in Calculus. Essentially, in this lesson you are crossing the threshold between Algebra and Calculus.

The first concept you’ll learn, limits, is essential to find the derivative f’(x). You’ll see how to do this after the next video. The second concept, series, is about patterns of numbers and what happens when we add or multiply them.


Lesson 1: The Basics

Lesson 2: Solving equations and inequalities

Lesson 3: Graphing

Lesson 4: Limits and series

  1. Introduction to limits and series 📝
  2. Limits
  3. Use limits to find the derivative
  4. Exercises: Find the derivative
  5. Introduction to sequences and series
  6. Arithmetic series
  7. Exercises: Arithmetic series
  8. Finite geometric series
  9. Exercises: Finite geometric series
  10. Infinite geometric series
  11. Exercises: Infinite geometric series
  12. Course close

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