Geometric series don’t necessarily explode to infinity. In fact, sometimes as you add each new term, the entire sum approaches a finite number. And if you add an infinite number of terms (theoretically), the sum will equal this number. This video describes these cases, called converging series.


Lesson 1: The Basics

Lesson 2: Solving equations and inequalities

Lesson 3: Graphing

Lesson 4: Limits and series

  1. Introduction to limits and series
  2. Limits
  3. Use limits to find the derivative
  4. Exercises: Find the derivative
  5. Introduction to sequences and series
  6. Arithmetic series
  7. Exercises: Arithmetic series
  8. Finite geometric series
  9. Exercises: Finite geometric series
  10. Infinite geometric series 📝
  11. Exercises: Infinite geometric series
  12. Course close

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