Many people have asked me how I make my videos. Making really nice videos ain’t cheap, but I&
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2 thoughts on “Make your own instructional videos

  1. Hi Katie,

    I like your course on Elementary Statistics, at Udacity, very much. The reason I like it, is because you have explained a lot of complex things with easy to understand examples.

    I came here to this blog wanting to ask you how you created that impressive white-board illustration; where you used your hand to write/draw on the board. I want to develop online video tutorials with such technology and any information you provide will be very helpful.

    Your blog on ‘Make your own MOOC’ is motivating. I have added your blog to my favorites and will be following it from now on.

    Thanks once again for the great course in Udacity, and looking forward for your reply.



    1. Hi Pakalavan! Thanks for your comment! We used a digital tablet to create the visuals (there are a lot of programs that you can use, like Open-Sankoré and Sketchbook Pro), and then recorded the screen (programs I’ve used include Camtasia and Screenflick). Then a camera would film my hand as well. This video sorta shows how we made the courses: But you don’t need this fancy software. I’m actually going to go into other options in the next video.

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