When designing an online course, you need to keep in mind the technological functionalities and constraints that create the digital learning experience. There are best practices to doing so that involve alignment with subject-matter experts, team reviews and iterations. Some tasks can take place simultaneously to optimize turnaround time.

To help learning teams manage the course design and development process, I’ve created a detailed workplan and a series of templates that can be customized for your particular processes. For $500, you can purchase these tools and receive a consultation (up to 2 hours) in which I will walk through the workplan and adjust it to fit your needs. This will set you and your team on a path forward so that you can operate independently in designing, building, and running online courses yourselves.

Workplan, Templates, and Consultation: $500 (Click here to purchase)
Following receipt of payment, I will email you to schedule your consultation.

I also give free 15-min consultations if you’re interested in creating online courses. Please email me directly at katie@turnthewheel.org to schedule one.