Chess is a game played around the whole world by people young and old, rich and poor, literate and non-literate, black and white and everything in-between. It’s a language that transcends everything that could potentially divide us as humans. And once you start to understand it, you see that chess is beautiful. You learn to think in new ways, not only about your moves on the board, but how you navigate all of life’s decisions.

I started competing in tournaments when I was 7, and at one point I was one of the top 100 women in the US. I haven’t actively played since 2011, at which point my rating was 1850, but my love of chess still lingers and I think everyone should at least know how to play. This course goes beyond simply teaching how the pieces move. You’ll build the foundation for continuing your chess career, if you so choose.

This course breaks down the game step-by-step, from teaching you the rules (how pieces move) to basic strategy (where to move your pieces) to how to improve (with practice positions and resources for learning more). If you watch all the videos and complete all the exercises, you’ll not only be able to play a game (the short-term goal); you’ll be able to continue learning and playing chess on your own. In a few weeks, you’ll probably be able to beat just about anyone off the street!

Besides instructional videos and exercises, this course also has interviews with the following amazing professional women chess players:
• WGM Jennifer Shahade
• WIM Karina Vazirova
…with more coming soon!

Due to the COVID situation, I am making all educational offerings free until May 31. Enjoy!