Activities and Exercises
Here I offer ideas on activities to do in class.

Katie’s Sample Lessons
I’ve written two small lessons on internal angles of polygons and polar coordinates and the Unit Circle. If you like them, please ask for more (on any topic!).

American Statistical Association (AmStat)
Professional development workshops, statistics teaching and learning information
GAISE reports detailing skills needed for statistical literacy
• Statistics lesson plans for the classroom (STEW)

The Bay Area Mathematics Project (BAMP) is an organization that operates out of the Lawrence Hall of Science at UC Berkeley. They have ongoing free or low-cost professional development workshops for educators, which often include a light breakfast and always include many friendly and enthusiastic attendees and presenters.

Common Core State Standards (CCSS) official site
Explaining CCSS, applying CCSS in the classroom
• Common Core State Standards for Mathematics

Curriculum material
Online collaboration

Online community, instructional material, professional development webinars

Escape from the Textbook
Online community, professional development

Inside Mathematics
This amazing non-profit has a lot of activities that educators can use in their classroom, all free. Some popular ones are the Problems of the Month, which involve deep critical thinking, discussion and collaboration. I also recommend checking out their Tasks And Assessments Aligned With Common Core State Standards For Mathematics. If you’re an Edmodo user, you can also view some of their collections on their Edmodo page.

Silicon Valley Education Foundation
Education research and policy information

Silicon Valley Mathematics Initiative
Professional development, instructional and assessment material

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