Choosing a credit card can be just as difficult or more so. It’s important to have a credit card to build credit (this helps you get approved for loans and get lower interest rates), plus it can have perks if you’re responsible. It can also get you in deep doo-doo if you’re not.

Use the Google form below to determine what kind of credit card you might consider for your situation.

If you’re interested in a rewards card, this spreadsheet is a tool to help you easily compare the annual monetary benefit you would have from each card. You simply type in your monthly expenses and credit card information (annual fee and rewards rates). Then you can approximate how many rewards dollars you’ll earn each year.

For example, if you spend $1000 per month, the Capital One Venture Rewards card is the best. But if you only spend $500 per month, the Capital One VentureOne rewards card will rein in the biggest reward.

You also have the option to itemize your expenses since some credit cards offer different rewards depending on what you purchase.

Before you make your decision, keep in mind some things to watch out for when choosing a credit card:

  • High rewards rates but impose a maximum on the amount you can spend to get that reward (e.g., 6% cash back on groceries, up to $6,000 spent annually)
  • $0 annual fee the first year that increases in subsequent years


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