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Print writing

Many of you have asked me how I write print letters. Here are all the letters of the alphabet in print.

Mind you, I don’t write exactly like this in my day-to-day writing. I keep this style in mind, but when writing quickly, it comes out like this:

You can see that many of the letters have been influenced by my cursive, for example:

  • e: I make a smooth loop rather than making a sharp point on the right, as you can see in most typed fonts
  • q: loop in the tail
  • y: u-shaped first part and loop in the tail
  • w: rounded bottom rather than pointy

As you practice writing, you will develop your own unique style for your everyday writing! In fact, if you would like to send me a sample, I will compile them so you all can admire each other’s unique everyday handwriting.


  1. Is it important to have good handwriting?
  2. Handwriting basics
  3. If you’re left-handed
  4. Aa
  5. Bb
  6. Cc
  7. Dd
  8. Ee
  9. Ff
  10. Gg
  11. Hh
  12. Ii
  13. Jj
  14. Kk
  15. Ll
  16. Mm
  17. Nn
  18. Oo
  19. Pp
  20. Qq
  21. Rr
  22. Ss
  23. Tt
  24. Uu
  25. Vv
  26. Ww
  27. Xx
  28. Yy
  29. Zz
  30. Writing words
  31. Practice makes perfect
  32. Additional material ✐ 📄

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