Before you begin creating an online course, it’s critical to make some key decisions about the student experience, e.g.,

  • Who are the learners and why are they taking the course?
  • Will it be all in-person or blended?
  • Will it be asynchronous or synchronous?
  • Will there be group projects?

To help learning teams think through all the questions that should be answered, and as a tool to manage the course development process, I’ve created a detailed workplan and a series of templates that can be customized for your particular processes. For $500, you can purchase these tools and receive a consultation (up to 2 hours) in which I will walk through the workplan and adjust it to fit your needs. This will set you and your team on a path forward so that you can operate independently in designing, building, and running online courses yourselves.

Workplan, Templates, and Consultation: $500 (Click here to purchase)
Following receipt of payment, I will email you to schedule your consultation.

I also give free 15-min consultations if you’re interested in creating online courses. Please email me directly at to schedule one.