Offering my courses for free

Hi everyone. Hope you’re staying safe and healthy. As we all change our daily routines to stay indoors more, it’s an opportunity to focus on ourselves and continue to learn and grow. It’s also an opportunity to invoke the spirit of Burning Man—if you’ve ever been, you know what I mean—and share whatever we can with our community. To that end, I am making all my educational offerings free until things start going back to normal. Here are direct links:

I’ll also soon come out with a course on cooking fundamentals, so stay tuned.

As for me, I’m learning new languages on Duolingo and new songs on the piano, and I think I’ll learn some hip hop on YouTube—something I’ve always wanted to get good at.

If you’re interested in teaching things, you can use my app Pedal for creating and taking courses directly from your Android phone, or offer courses for free on Udemy. I am always happy to share ideas and advice with aspiring course creators, so feel free to write me at

Let’s try to make the most we can of this situation by emerging on the other side a more skilled, more knowledgeable version of ourselves. Things WILL get better, and when they do, wouldn’t it be great if we all had new skills and knowledge to enrich our lives and those of others? Let me know what you decide to start learning!

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